Lower section of Rack 1
Lower section of Rack 1

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My personal Mixing Rig
My personal Mixing Rig

My Tools as of 2013

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My old Rack
My old Rack

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Lower section of Rack 1
Lower section of Rack 1

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Current News: 7/6/2013

 “Michael is dedicated and  proficient in all aspects
of audio production including tracking, mixing
and editing. I appreciated his dedication
and his work ethic. He will be an asset
to anyone he comes across.
I highly recommend Michael.”

    -Carter William Humphrey-

(Rod Stewart,Engelbert Humperdinck,Carly Simon)
     Mixing Engineer

“Michael is always punctual, attentive
and has a drive and talent to succeed!”

       - Bill Dooley-

   (Madonna,Chaka Khan,Judas Priest)
         Technical Manager
         Interscope Recording Studios

​Sonic excellence and preservation  has been my main line of work since the late 90's. As a multi-instrumental musician i've delved and experienced an eclectic palette of  sound that expands on a list of many different genres. 
My love for all music is embodied in my sound-engineering work that has touched and covered a  range of many emotions.  I've had the fortunate chance of working with international musicians from as many as 9 different countries and as many as 3 different continents and on various  Record labels. I've also been fortunate enough to have been mentored by some of the Music Industries most legendary engineers and commended for my utmost performance and aptitude. As Such I have worked in many World Class Studios and offer my talent and creative view towards your next project.
                                      - Michael Thomas Candido-



  • Labels I've worked with

  • Fresh Produce Records (UK)

  • Plasticage (Turkey) 

  • Grindhouse Recordings (Japan)

  • Micronoize (France)

  • Y4K (France)

  • Phonon (France)

  • X Media Group (USA)

  • Timeless Music Entertainment (USA)

  • Velvet Vinyl Records (USA)

  • Rotten Republik Records (USA)

  • Bembule Music (France)

  • Principal Records (Brazil)

  • Type 4 Records (USA)

Select Clientele :

Celso Joabe & Filipe Fontao (Brazil)

Tom Rodwell (New Zealand)

The Sex Carnival (USA)

Edria (USA)

Meaku (USA)

Xicotene (USA)

Allen Losi Band (USA)

Chakradar (Greece)

Frédéric Paul Lallet (France)

DJ Flore (France)
Pro-7 (France)

Uriel (Isreal)

Boy Scouts of America (USA)

Shotdown Stars (Canada)

Dirty D (Australia)

Barcode (Germany)

Faxe (Poland)

Dom Almonds ( UK)

The Phatriderz (France)

Shell Shock (UK) Feat. Jamie Oliver (UK Subs)

Utku Sonmez (Turkey)

The Deep Below (UK)



Color The Sound (USA)

The Roulette Dream (USA)

Heart Pharmacy (USA)

The Hitmen (USA)

Recktchordz (UK)

Journey Man (UK)

Chelsea Musick (USA)

Lord Absynth (USA)

Fort King (USA)


Altec 9068
Urei 533
White Instruments 4400    (2)
White Instruments 42200
White Instruments 4100A  (3)


Sansui RA-500 Reverb

Boss Flanger BF-3

Boss Distortion DS-1

Digitech RP-50

Digitech RP-400

General Radio 219

Maestro Phase Shifter PS-1

+ Plug-in Software.


Orban 516E Deesser   (3)
Samson C Comp Opti  (2)
Empire Devices  AT-106-D
Bell-Western Electric (Custom) Comp
General Radio 1112B Mod (2)



Hewlett Packard 320B Mod.
TFE V100 Pre /Eq Channelstrip
RCA SAMV-02   (4)
Altec 1611A  (2)
Samson C Valve Mic Pre
McMartin LT-80A  Line Amp

Signal Corps TS-580/U




Protools 8 HD

Digidesign 192
Imac 21''
Panasonic RS-760 1/4' Reel-To-Reel

NS-10's Monitors

HS-80s  Monitors

Sony Stereo (Reference)


Collins IC-10A Console (20 Transformer inputs)

 TEL:909.373.6814 / michaelthomascandido@me.com / © All Rights Reserved

Featured Artists I've worked with